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Microsoft Office Training Course in Lahore

Office Management Computer Course

2 months certificate and 6-month diploma in office management computer course are offered by Global Montessori Coaching Institute in Lahore and Karahi, Pakistan. This course is for those who want to improve their job career, from school teachers,  senior management posts, businessman, or foreign country empolyments. Microsoft Ms. Office training in Pakistan with GMCI Training Institute helps to increase deepen your Digital Knowledge about Computer and Softwares. If you are a person who thinks that learning about Microsoft or computers is boring then perhaps, it is the best time to join a training about Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint. this course helps you to understand all the small and advance things about Microsoft Office Management Software.


Ms. Office Beginner Course Students


Ms. Office Advance Course Students

Right now every economy is growing and adopting Digital products for connectivity to each other for business, jobs, careers, and other relationships not completing without digital products. Computer training gets you more edge than others skills when you are going for a job. and every employer takes a test before hiring any staff for office work. In the office, every activity involves must written records on the computer.

Microsoft Office Training Course in Lahore

If you are a beginner in computers and want to learn about basic skills or advanced skills this course is for you. Ms office training course also available a short term. this short Ms. Office training course in Pakistan or Online MS office training course will give you an idea on how to go about it and will guide and teach you in full detail about how Ms office working in the office and also guide you about Ms office applications.
You get a certification from the Global Montessori Coaching Institute after complete the Course.

Office Management Course Outline Basically Consists of Teaching, Find Below

Microsoft Word

Part of Ms office word is a very important tool. If you want to write Letters or office documents, any other important documents typing or want to prin it. then the best tool is ms word can be very useful. Today every office management documents are prepared by Ms. word and many writers also use this word tool to write their novels and journals. Ms word course includes learning how to write, use every tools bar available in ms word, Insert Pictures, charts, calendars, and many more.


Microsoft Excel

Excel can do almost everything regarding office financial reports or Audit and Accounts Presentations, documentation, also ms excel used as a calculator, balance sheets, financial reports, Spreed Sheet storing data. you can learn also how to use charts, bar diagrams, microfinance software, accounting sheets, and many more. GMCI teach also School Office Management Course


Microsoft PowerPoint

Most essential features have PowerPoint in Microsoft office. Powerpoint helps to prepare animated presentations, business proposals slideshows, PowerPoint has movie-making features, audio, and video creation, more advanced options available for creating animated videos for teaching purposes, company profile promotions, and many more. this course helps you to understand the latest tips and techniques about Ms. Office, Ms. Word, Ms excel, Ms. Power Point.

Microsoft Office Management Course Outline

MS. Office Course Training Course in Pakistan Details BENEFITS

Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint is the application, it is the choice of billions of Organizations, corporates who already use it due to Ms office features, speed, templates, and simplicity of use. Most of the school, college graduates, university students know the basic knowledge about Ms. Office. This course contains everything you need to learn about Ms word, ms excel, ms PowerPoint. GMCI Training Center designed a Beginner and also Advance Microsoft Office Cours in Lahore, Karachi, Rawalpindi, Faisalabad, through Online Ms office Course in Pakistan.

What you’ll learn?

  • MS. Word
  • MS. Excel
  • MS. PowerPoint


  • Anyone can Register for Microsoft Office Management course, Students, Teachers, Employees, Freelancers, Business owners, etc
  • Knowledge of basic computer knowledge is an extra edge for learning.
MS Office Online Course in Pakistan
  • How to Open Microsoft Word
  • Work with Start Home Page of Microsoft Word
  • Create New and Black Template of Microsoft Word
  • Open Existing File in Microsoft Word
  • Recover Unsaved File in Microsoft Word
  • Understand Interface of Microsoft Word
  • Info in File Menu Microsoft Word
  • Save in File Menu Microsoft Word
  • Manage Print Settings in Microsoft Word
  • Share and Export in File Menu Microsoft Word
  • Show Paragraph in Microsoft Word
  • Clipboard Manager in Microsoft Word
  • Manage Clipboard in Home Menu Microsoft Word
  • Customize Font in Home Menu Microsoft Word
  • Customize Paragraph in Home Menu Microsoft Word
  • Set up Fonts in Home Menu Microsoft Word
  • Set up Paragraph Setting in Home Menu Microsoft Word
  • Style Fonts in Home Menu Microsoft Word
  • Editing Options in Home Menu Microsoft Word
  • Insert Cover Pages in Microsoft Word
  • Create a Certificate Using Table
  • Create Attendance Using Table
  • Create CV Using Microsoft Word
  • Insert Picture in Microsoft Word
  • Inserting Shapes in Microsoft Word
  • Create Card Using Text Box in Microsoft Word
  • Ways of Inserting Tables in Microsoft Word
  • Manage Tables Design in Microsoft Word
  • Manage Tables Layout in Microsoft Word
  • Create Invoice Using Table in Microsoft Word

MS Office Course Price in Pakistan

  • How To Use The CONVERT Function?
  • How To Add The Zeros In Microsoft Excel?
  • How To Create The MULTIPLICATION TABLE By Using Mixed Reference?
  • How To Generate AUTOMATIC SERIAL NUMBERS In Microsoft Excel?
  • How To Use RAND Function?
  • How To Use RANDBETWEEN Function?
  • How To Use AUTOSUM Function?
  • How To Use VLOOKUP Function?
  • How To Use HLOOKUP Function?
  • Backward Counting
  • Shapes and Colour
  • Sights
  • How to use PowerPoint
  • How to create creative slides
  • How to email presentations
  • How to use animations in PowerPoint
  • How to use transitions in PowerPoint
  • How to record a presentation
  • How to insert music into slides
  • How to insert videos into slides
  • How to insert pictures into slides
  • The complete overview of PowerPoint
  • How to make a slideshow presentation
  • How to create engaging slides
  • How to use animations in PowerPoint
  • How to record a slideshow
  • How to insert music and videos into your slides
  • How to import images from the internet into your slide
  • How to email slide presentations
  • How to save slides as a PDF
  • Different design themes and combinations

Online Microsoft Office Courses in Pakistan

Online Office Courses

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    (GMCI) where she was awarded the highest achiever award for her performance. Attributable to her 12+ years of experience in teaching. administrative placements and leadership qualities, she has transformed herself into a talented, passionate, and dedicated individual. She has carved a niche for herself in the field of training specifically IT and School Management at the Global Montessori Coaching Institute. She is also adept at counseling both teachers and parents. Her core competencies and being the best at what she does and excelling in her field as a trainereducator, counselor, administrator, and motivational speaker.

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